Coach Kinsey: When Good Enough is Good Enough: Doing Less without Being Less

When Good Enough is Good Enough: Doing Less without Being Less

My daughter's family is coming home for Christmas; they're still grieving the loss of their baby boy,William. To honor the memory of William, I’ve crafted baby bird ornaments for the Christmas tree. We call it the "William Tree."

Before settling on the project, I explored a variety of bird patterns and ideas online which made my brain bulge with ideas. Ohhhh, those fabric birds were sooooo cute.  But weighing my time and energy against my lofty ambitions, I resigned myself to do the basics.  Armed with paper, scissors, glue, and glitter, I made baby birds. They look like something my granddaughters might make at school.
But, I didn’t have to drag out a sewing machine, pick out fabric, or deal with an unruly bobbin (ain't nobody got time for that!).  Yes, the birds could be cuter and more ornate.  But what is the desired outcome? To honor Amy and Matt by remembering William. The William Tree will memorialize our loss and remind us that life is not what we dream, but it's also not the end of the story. William is with Jesus now, and we will join him one day.  Oh tidings of comfort and joy.


My house is under renovation.  I'm dealing with health issues and I don’t have excess time or energy.  I'm forced to evaluate my options and ask "What do I want the outcome to be? What is essential to making that happen?" That’s what gets accomplished - just the basics, the have-to's.  It's not always elegant, but it is enough.  Let me say that again. It is enough.

No need apologize or lament that others are more creative, resourceful, or have more time. Just do the basics and keep the outcome in focus.  Everything else is frosting.
Sometimes good enough is good enough
The same love, blessings, and meaning inhabit the basics. Doing less does not mean a lesser outcome or a lesser me.

My soul needed reminding of that today.  What about you?

What would good enough look like for you this Christmas?
Or in the coming New Year?  I would love to hear your comments.

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