Coach Kinsey: Services


As a Heart Transformation Coach –

It is my mission to help you connect with God at the heart level, so that you can hear His voice and enjoy His presence daily.

I use a hybrid of coaching techniques to help you engage in a conversation with God around critical areas of struggle, confusion, or pain in your life.

A typical coaching session involves
    1.  Asking you exploratory questions
         To discern the state of your heart
         To uncover the places where you need to hear from God
    2.  Inviting Jesus to speak to you those places
    3.  Witnessing His comfort and transformation in you (my favorite part!)

I believe that
  •  You know your heart best.
  • God can and will speak to you personally and intimately.
  • You don’t need my advice – you need to hear from Abba

I have had countless sessions with clients who walk away experiencing peace and joy.  That doesn’t mean that their circumstances changed, but that they received a fresh perspective from Christ and comfort of the Holy Spirit.  He is so incredibly tender and sweet to his children. 

I invite you to “Come hear His voice.”    Click this link to make an appointment.


Can’t I seek God’s voice on my own?
Absolutely, but it usually doesn’t happen.   God loves to work inside of community.  When we are emotionally stirred it is hard to remain objective enough to “coach” ourselves.  The presence of a seasoned listener and one who is trained to ask question can give you more immediate relief and assistance.

How do I know that it is God speaking?

We assume its God speaking if:

  •   It sounds like God (a reflection of His character as revealed in Scripture)
  •  It does not contradict the Word of God (Scripture is always our plumb line)
  •  It brings peace or comfort. It produces the fruit of righteousness.

What if I don’t hear from God?
I’ve never had a session where a person did not hear something from God.  He wants to speak to you!

What if I am stuck? 
Sometimes, a false belief keeps a person from hearing.  I help you identify what you are believing that keeps you from hearing God, and assist you in inviting Abba to exchange your false belief with His truth.

Sometimes we have trouble moving from our head to our heart.  God created thoughts, logic, reason, as well as emotions.  Our culture tends to dismiss emotions as unreliable.  However, emotions can give us a very big clue to where Abba needs to speak His truth.  If you get “stuck” listening to your head and ignoring your heart, I can help you bridge the gap.

How much does it cost?
The fair market value of a 45-minute session is  $75.  The fair market value of a session with a recap is $100.  I never want my services to be cost-prohibitive.  Every client is given the option to pay what they can when they receive an invoice.  I only ask that you first consult God about the amount and then pay what He instructs.  When you receive an invoice, click the pay button, then you will be given the option to write in the amount on the next page.  I trust God to instruct you on this if you are unable to pay the full amount.  No questions will be asked.

Do you listen to God for me?

No, never in a private session.*  God wants to speak directly to you.  I help you uncover the deeper questions of your heart and present them to God.

*Sometimes in the online Listening Groups, we will listen as a community of believers for an individual.  It’s amazing to see God give several individuals similar pictures or messages for a particular person.

What do I need to do to prepare?
Nothing.  Just come ready to participate and hear from God.  I will ask you questions that will help you know what areas you want God to address.

What should I expect?

When God speaks to you, He usually offers words of encouragement, affirmation, support, love, comfort, and a new perspective.  He usually addresses the desires of your heart.  It’s also common to experience confession of sin and repentance.

How many sessions will I need?

I recommend starting with three.  After that you can schedule on an “as needed” basis.  We never outgrow the need to hear from God, but I like to encourage people to establish the habit of listening to Him on their own.* That being said, we often need the help of another to sort through our emotions and thoughts in order to hear from God. 

* Please check out my online “Listening Groups” if you would like to become more skilled in hearing the voice of God in your daily life.

Sometimes people contract with me for a long term coaching relationship, this is very helpful for those who are committed to ongoing growth and transformation in their lives.

What will interfere with the session?
Noise and chaos around you.  Please choose a quiet and secluded space for our sessions together.

Sometimes trying to “figure things out” by being too analytical will interfere.  The best thing to do is to seek to stay tuned to how you are feeling.  Your feelings are the best signals for what is going on at the heart level. 

How do we meet?
By phone or skype.  Make sure you have good connections on either venue.

What else do I need to know?
  • I do not suggest to you what I believe God wants to say to you. 
  • I do not push you to go into memories or any direction that you are not comfortable. 
  • I do not suggest which direction you should go. 
  • My sole responsibility is to ask you questions, to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit, and position you to have your own conversation with God.
  •  I do not offer counsel or advice as a coach.  If I think you need counseling I will suggest that to you.
  •  I may from time to time share my own experience with you if it seems helpful. I will always ask your permission first.

  What is Professional Coaching?

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