Coach Kinsey: Fresh Encounter Workshop

Fresh Encounter Workshop

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Fresh Encounter Workshop

What can God do in 60 seconds?

The women of Grace Life Baptist Church, in McCalla, Alabama have learned that God's not waiting on us to do a massive overhaul of our spiritual life in order to move into a deeper relationship with Him.

In the Fresh Encounter with God Workshop, they learned that God has been passionately pursuing them since creation and wants to relate to them intimately. 
Then they experienced that intimacy firsthand.

Over 200 women broke into small groups and for 60 seconds listened to God.  Guess what?  He spoke!  Words of comfort, reassurance, and love.

As one attendee said,

This 60 second thing is do-able!  I have the hardest time being consistent with daily time with God, but no one has an excuse not to stop for 60 seconds and commune with Him. 
If we just do that, I'm sure it will grow into more!

Amen, and that's the point. In this crazy busy world we live in, we often neglect our souls.  We're tired, no, we are exhausted.  We want more of Jesus but we think that means a more demanding schedule. 

Think again. 

I'm not advocating that 60 seconds is all we need  - I'm just keeping it real - we have to start somewhere, and why not here?

The ladies of GLBC are  still listening and God's still speaking.  Check out what they are saying about it  on Facebook -


            Bring the Fresh Encounter with God                

 Workshop to Your Church or Group! 

Workshop includes:

  • My Story of Brokenness and Restoration
  • God's Story through Scripture of Rescue and Restoration
  • How to Cultivate a Deeper Relationship with God by Listening
  • Experience a Fresh Encounter by Listening to the Voice of God in 60 seconds.
  • Fresh Encounter Workbook - with instructions to continue listening at home


As a member of the women's ministry team I have posed the question to women from ages 15 to 87 "did you have s fresh encounter with God?" without exception they have all said yes and proceeded to tell me about their encounter. Every woman should learn how to have a fresh encounter with God.  Thank you Kinsey for your passion, preparation, and prayers.  The conference was wonderful.  -Rhonda Miller, Grace Life Baptist Church, McCalla, AL

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