Coach Kinsey: Testimonies


Kinsey has a special gift from God to usher His people into His presence to hear tender words of love from Him. 

I loved being part of the Abba listening group with Kinsey. I highly recommend her services of either individual coaching or being part of one of her groups.  Mary Lou, Orlando, FL

I have struggled for decades with feeling like I have made up this intimacy with God stuff. There have been moments, sure, but they didn’t linger. Kinsey’s group provided me a safe playground to experiment and explore my relationship with God, and all I can say is… Wow! He is definitely speaking. Even to me. If God is giving you the opportunity to join Kinsey’s group, if you feel that tug at your heart… don’t hesitate.    Susan Fleming, Winter Haven, FL
This group helped me to discipline myself to spend time with Abba, specifically in listening. The homework was helpful in directing me into a biblical understanding of how much God wants to be in relationship with us. I enjoyed learning, listening, and sharing with others in the group setting.  Dr. Pamela Paul, Largo, Fl
Thanks to Kinsey, I am more solid spiritually and emotionally.  She provided a scaffolding of sorts for a bruised and blowing reed.  My "stem" is stronger now, as I enjoy the riches of being God's beloved child from a new vantage point.  No one and nothing can take that away from me.  Praise God!  Jen, WI

Listening Prayer was a new experience for me.  Initially, I was a little hesitant because it was an unfamiliar way to connect with the Lord and I felt unsure that I would "do it right" (whatever that means).  Kinsey made the process so comfortable and easy, and WOW was I blown away with the results.  I came to realize that God is talking to me all the time, but I don't usually slow down to listen very well.  I've been able to obtain God's direction in the midst of decisions, hear His love & affection for me, and more.  I can honestly say that I have a much richer prayer life as I've learned to recognize His voice in my every day life.    Jessica, TN

The power, significance, effectiveness of these healing prayer encounters continue to be as strong as the day I experienced them.  They draw me back into the presence of my One and Only true Helper, Savior, Friend.  "It just don't get no better than that on this side of heaven."

Thanks for being so patient with me and walking with me through this incredible experience.  It was/is incredibly cool!!!  Judy, LA


Healing Prayer has been eye-opening to me. I’ve often prayed to God about situations in my life and heard from God certainly. But this was somehow different. Hard to explain though.  It’s like having insight into yourself and God at the same time. I know that speaking the Word is powerful and I practice that for sure.  But stopping to hear what Jesus has to say about a situation is something we seldom wait on. This gives you time to process what is happening in your emotions, tie it to an event that triggers the emotions, and then to hear the voice of God telling you the “truth” about that situation. Often it’s truth you can’t see for yourself. I remember thinking that I didn’t know certain hurts were still in my emotional makeup. I know much about psychology and the way the mind works, but could not quite use it to free myself in some cases. This has helped me to separate an event from the emotions of the event, and to release the power those emotions had over me. Brings a peace I’ve not know about these situations before. Sounds great to me! I would recommend it to my friends and family easily. Robyn, LA

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