Coach Kinsey: A Heart Stopping Moment

A Heart Stopping Moment

We stopped at the bookstore where my husband works.  My granddaughter Carly begged her Opa to buy her a new bible.  Opa will do anything for Carly, so she got to pick out a brand new bible. No sooner did we get home when I caught her drawing on the cover in permanent ink.  "Oh!" I gasped, then caught myself; a closer look melted my heart.  There on the front cover she proclaimed in first-grade fashion:

Name: Carly: a girl of God's word.

This she topped off with an illustration of her self. My heart caught in my throat as I whispered to God  "Let it be so Lord Jesus, let it be so."


  1. The innocence and pure devotion of children is sometimes amazing!

  2. How heartwarming! God must be preparing her for big things!!!

  3. My son spent the weekend with my dad and my 'new' stepmom for the weekend. I was unsure if he would like my dad's new wife...I wasn't sure if I liked her. When I picked him up on Sunday, I noticed grimy little handprints on the bottom half of her front glass door---she keeps an immaculate house so I cringed when I saw the prints. As I walked through the front door, I went to the kitchen to get Windex and papertowels to wipe away the prints. She stopped me and told me to leave the prints would remind her of her wonderful weekend with my son. I knew then she was a keeper!
    God gives us gifts in many ways...even in the grimy handprints of a toddler and a new step-mom.