Coach Kinsey: December 2012

A Heart Stopping Moment

We stopped at the bookstore where my husband works.  My granddaughter Carly begged her Opa to buy her a new bible.  Opa will do anything for Carly, so she got to pick out a brand new bible. No sooner did we get home when I caught her drawing on the cover in permanent ink.  "Oh!" I gasped, then caught myself; a closer look melted my heart.  There on the front cover she proclaimed in first-grade fashion:

Name: Carly: a girl of God's word.

This she topped off with an illustration of her self. My heart caught in my throat as I whispered to God  "Let it be so Lord Jesus, let it be so."

Tickled PINK

I bolted upright in bed, heart pumping, adrenalin flowing . . . there were unmistakable bumps and thuds going on in the room next to mine. .I knew immediately that Rick was in trouble.  I jumped out of bed and ran into his room; as suspected, he was in a full blown diabetic seizure. He was jerking and convulsing so violently that I had to pin him down in order to protect him from injury.  It was like riding a wild bull.  He kept throwing me off and I kept throwing my body back over his to restrain him.

In the past thirty plus years I have witnessed countless seizures; they are usually over in about 8 minutes.  When it goes longer, we need to call for help.  This seizure was still going after 15 minutes.  I called 911 while attempting to keep Rick from harm. No easy task there.  Thirty minutes later the paramedics were on the scene.  Rick finally came around and was able to get his sugar stabilized.  Paramedics left, we crashed. We both felt like we had just been in a boxing match.

Rick has been a diabetic since childhood.  Over the years it has become increasingly difficult to regulate the disease. Eventually we found ourselves in a season of turbulent years when his sugar level was on a constant roller coaster; it seemed we were calling the paramedics weekly.  I remember that it got so bad I even shopped for a black dress, just in case.  My daughter was getting married at the time and I cautioned her that she may need to get a backup officiate to replace her dad.  Our days were clouded with uncertainty and pain.

But then a miracle happened.   God provided Rick with an insulin pump.  It gave him a brand new life.  It gave us a brand new life.  For the past 10 years or so he has only had a few seizures, a sharp contrast to the 3-4 we were experiencing weekly before. Hallelujah!  What a relief.

But just a few weeks ago we found ourselves once again standing on the edge of another dark dawn.  Rick’s insulin pump died.  We have no medical insurance to order a replacement.  He had to go back to taking shots.  In just two days we were back to the old life.  Oh God, we can’t live like this!  We must find a way to get a new pump.  (These are not devices you can buy on eBay.  They are strictly regulated by the manufacturers; a new pump costs around $6-7000).  We asked for prayers and surfed the web to see if there was any assistance out there; some sites looked promising.

Meanwhile Rick went to the doctor for his quarterly check up. 
The Doc walked in and said, “So your pump died?”
“How are your sugars?”
“We need to talk about that.”
“Well, before we talk, let me ask you, would you like a new pump?”
“Of course, I would love a new pump!”
“Well, it just so happens that one of my patients recently got a new pump. Unfortunately, she died two weeks ago. Her husband brought her pump to us and asked us to give it to someone who could use it.”

(Rick picks himself off the floor and gets back in his chair.)

Doc continues, “We thought of two patients who could use the pump, you and another girl.  We have called her repeatedly and she has not answered.  So I guess the pump is yours.”

(Rick. Understandably. Cries.)

 “Looks like God provided for you.  Looks like he has a sense of humor too,” Doc said with a  smile.
"How’s that?” Rick inquires.
 “Well,” she laughed, “it’s PINK!” (Assistant opens the box and shows Rick)

Rick laughs with surprise, delight, and gratitude.

God performed another miracle.  A PINK miracle this time. Hallelujah! What a relief.

Rick came home wearing his new pink pump.  When he told me the story we laughed, cried, hugged, and praised God together. (We pretty much did that the for rest of the day)

God certainly does have a sense of humor.  And He certainly does have an enormous heart. Love Him.

Needless to say, we are humbled, grateful, amazed, and . . .

                                                             tickled PINK!