Coach Kinsey: July 2016

Laura's story . . . I knew God loved the world, but did He love me specifically?

I never believed that God’s love targeted me specifically;
it was more like God blanketed the earth with a generic
kind of love.  I didn’t feel worthy of His personal affection.

Things are very different now.  After participating
in the Listening to Abba group I have found God’s
love to be very personal and specific for me.

Kinsey showed how God has been actively and
passionately pursuing us throughout history in order
to draw us into an intimate relationship with Himself.
She led us into His presence and helped us learn
how to ask God questions and listen for His response.

I was blown away by how He spoke to me.  God spoke in words of tender love and reassurance, offering comfort, peace, release, and joy. I learned that what I thought was His voice before, was not actually His voice at all.  God doesn’t speak in condemnation and judgment; Christ took care of all that on the cross. Of course He convicts and corrects, but it’s always cloaked in love and mercy.  I guess that shouldn’t surprise me so much, after all God is love!

This experience has opened me up to possibilities of relating to God in ways I never imagined.  My almost non-existent prayer life has been turned upside down.  I look forward to our time together now.  I am more aware of His presence throughout the day and my ear is tuned to hear His voice.  I love it when He surprises me with a song or word that I wasn’t expecting.  He is love!

I’m so thankful that God showed me a new way of relating to Him.  Now I look forward to a going deeper and enjoying a vibrant relationship with my Heavenly Father, my Abba.

 Laura Fortney, Greenville, SC

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