Coach Kinsey: 2015

When Good Enough is Good Enough: Doing Less without Being Less

My daughter's family is coming home for Christmas; they're still grieving the loss of their baby boy,William. To honor the memory of William, I’ve crafted baby bird ornaments for the Christmas tree. We call it the "William Tree."

Before settling on the project, I explored a variety of bird patterns and ideas online which made my brain bulge with ideas. Ohhhh, those fabric birds were sooooo cute.  But weighing my time and energy against my lofty ambitions, I resigned myself to do the basics.  Armed with paper, scissors, glue, and glitter, I made baby birds. They look like something my granddaughters might make at school.
But, I didn’t have to drag out a sewing machine, pick out fabric, or deal with an unruly bobbin (ain't nobody got time for that!).  Yes, the birds could be cuter and more ornate.  But what is the desired outcome? To honor Amy and Matt by remembering William. The William Tree will memorialize our loss and remind us that life is not what we dream, but it's also not the end of the story. William is with Jesus now, and we will join him one day.  Oh tidings of comfort and joy.


My house is under renovation.  I'm dealing with health issues and I don’t have excess time or energy.  I'm forced to evaluate my options and ask "What do I want the outcome to be? What is essential to making that happen?" That’s what gets accomplished - just the basics, the have-to's.  It's not always elegant, but it is enough.  Let me say that again. It is enough.

No need apologize or lament that others are more creative, resourceful, or have more time. Just do the basics and keep the outcome in focus.  Everything else is frosting.
Sometimes good enough is good enough
The same love, blessings, and meaning inhabit the basics. Doing less does not mean a lesser outcome or a lesser me.

My soul needed reminding of that today.  What about you?

What would good enough look like for you this Christmas?
Or in the coming New Year?  I would love to hear your comments.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the approaching holidays and are worried that you might miss the real reason for the season – there’s a surprisingly simple solution.    In less than 5 minutes a day you can be entertained, spellbound, and refreshed. It’s soooooo good, you’ll be begging for more.

It’s a little Christmas secret called The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Beautifully illustrated and masterfully crafted to engage every person from ages 0-99.  This book is not just for kids!It's a compelling storybook brimming with playful and poignant interpretations of the familiar bible stories you’ve grown to love.

Every delightful story points to the larger story – the story of Jesus – our Emmanuel who is at the center of it all.  Every story whispers His name.
The Jesus Storybook Bible will you connect you to the heart of Christmas like no other book ever has, or ever will. Just sit back with your cider and savor the Savior in a fresh new way.

Read it with your spouse, your friends, your children, your grandchildren, or your animals.  Read it to your pet rocks – because they want to cry out with praises too!

Here’s the plan:

On December 1 start at the very beginning of TJSB.  Each day read the next story.  In 25 days you will journey from Creation to the Incarnation. The perfect way to welcome
the new King.  Who knew?

The hardest part of this reading plan is not reading
. But don't get your tinsel in a tangle, slow down
and read one story a day.  You’ll fall in love with
Jesus all over again.

Get started now!  

Order now and start reading on December 1.

Let me know how God speaks to you through this magical little book.
Leave a comment, or reply to this email.  Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

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What Beth Moore said to me . . .

Watch me imitate Beth Moore!

In usual fashion, I awoke around 4 a.m., and felt a familiar nudge to spend time with Abba.

Leaving the warmth of my marvelous down comforter and memory-foam-topped bed, (you've really got to love God to do that, right?), I shuffled down the hallway into the living room.  There my bible and journal lay open on the sofa.

I picked up the journal, ready to write.  Nothing came.  Hmmm, perhaps God wants to speak through the word.  I flipped through numerous books and chapters, but could never settle on a particular passage.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  Everything seemed, well, meh.  After about an hour, I said, “Abba, I can’t seem to get the hang of it this morning, I’m going back to bed.”  And with that returned to the bedroom.

Before climbing back under my comforter (did I mention marvelous?) and sinking into the memory foam, I turned on the TV.  “Let me just check the stock market overseas,” I thought.  (Yeah, I did just say that!  The overseas stock market opens earlier, and usually indicates how the U.S. markets will open. I had some stock options in play at the time.)  Now the only reason I mention this, is that my TV was always on the stock channel.  Always.  But this morning when I clicked the remote, would you believe it, Beth Moore, yes, the Beth Moore was big-as-you-please on the screen? (Obviously, not the stock channel!)  I sat down on the foot of the bed to listen.

There was Beth with her big hair and southern twang saying, “Now, I just want you ladies to know (know-oh, two syllables) that God loves yooooooo this much!  I want to show you something that one of my cuuute little girls that sits by me in church wrote." Beth dramatically unfolds a note to read, ‘"Miss Beth loves me soooooooooooooooo much.'" Then she shows the note to the audience and the camera zoomed in.  “See here!” she exclaims, finger tapping the note, “look at all the o’s she put on this note.”  Sure enough, in grade school fashion the note was filled with o’s.

Beth continued, “This note makes me so happy, because this little girl (gur-al) knows, I mean she know-ohs that I love her!  She is secure in my love for her. And I want to tell you, precious ones that God wants you to be that secure in His love.  He wants you to know-oh that He loves yooooooo.  Everybody say that with me right now,‘God loves me soooooooooooooooooooooo much.’”
There I sat on the foot of my bed and repeated like a school girl, “God loves me soooooooooooooooooooo  much!”  Then I burst out laughing, pointed up to Abba and said, “You!  You’re too much!”  You let me sit on the sofa with no direction for an hour just so I would come back to the bedroom at precisely this moment to hear Beth Moore. And you even changed the channel on me.”

What a hoot!  Buried back under the amazing comforter, Abba and I both chuckled away at His little prank.  Yes, God did that just for me. His Kinsey girl.

That was over nine years ago. Since then Abba has shown his love to me in a countless surprising ways.  That’s one of my favorites.

Do you enjoy God like that?  I hope so.  I know He wants you to.

Leave a comment here, send me an email, or call me.  I’d love to hear what this stirs in you.

Want to say it?  Go ahead and give it a whirl, "God loves me sooooooooo much!"
He does!  Enjoy Him today.

© Kinsey Oglesby

Has Kinsey Gone Mad?


What Exactly Does the Bible Say
About God Speaking to Us? 

Let me set the record straight; I’ve not gone off the deep end with this Listening to God stuff. Experience will never replace good theology. Never. Theology drives Christian experience.  The Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God, and the final authority on all things.

Thanks to the Preacher (my husband)  I've learned to appreciate the importance of inductive Bible study methods. Context is king!.  So take a deep breath and relax.
We are standing on solid ground.

With that said, let me walk you through some of my theological insights:

We are made in His image:

The Bible tells us that we are created in the very image of God.  God consists of three persons: the Father, Son and Spirit.  They enjoy intimate and holy fellowship with each other continually.  As His image-bearers, God created us to live in holy intimacy with Himself and each other.

Deep relating to Him involves both speaking and listening.

The Big Story of Scripture is about a Personal God

The Bible is made up of many stores that point to a greater story - God's story. God's story is about His passionate pursuit of humans to have a relationship with them.

From the Garden of Eden to the final Restoration of all Creation – people are foremost in God’s mind and heart. He wants to be with us!

He wants us to know Him, enjoy Him, worship Him, and love Him.

And, He wants to know us, enjoy us, and love us.

He wants us like a husband wants his wife.  Now that is intimate! (2 Cor. 11:2)


My Conclusions are drawn from the Bigger Story 

There no particular verse that says, “God wants to speak to you.”  It’s a conclusion we can draw with confidence by reading the Word in the context of God’s bigger story.

Additionally there are verses that imply that He is speaking and that we can hear him. Here's one: "My sheep hear my voice" (Jn 10:27).

Reflect on these thoughts for today. We’ll dive in a little deeper next time!  I would love to hear your questions or comments.

Until then,
May the Lamb that was slain receive the rewards of His sufferings!

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©Kinsey Oglesby, August 13, 2015

Does God Have a Personal Word for You?

“God told me  He is going to heal you.”
“God told me  That you are my future wife.”
“God told me  To be a missionary in Africa.”
“God told me  To leave my job.”

Have you heard people say similar things with utter conviction and sincerity? Do you take such statements as fact?  I mean, when someone says, “God told me,” it makes it hard to argue with doesn’t it?  What if God really did say that to them?

My point is not to argue the legitimacy of such statements, rather, I want to ask the deeper question, “Does God still speak personal words to people today?”

Don’t we need to clear that up first?

If the answer is “no” then we don’t have to give any weight to what others say that “God said.” (Unless of course, they are quoting scripture!)

If the answer is “yes” then, well, aren’t we compelled to at least consider the words that others claim are prompted by God?

If God still speaks to people today, don’t you want to know when, where, why, how, and to whom?  Does He have a personal word for you, for me?

If He is speaking, I want to be the first in line to hear what He has to say?  Don’t you?

In my childhood church it was very common to hear the words “The Lord told me.”  Those words weren’t questioned much.

As an adult, I’ve mostly hung around people who only hear from the Lord through Scripture.  It’s a much safer place to hang out.  If it’s not spelled out in the Bible, then, well, you are treading dangerous ground.

What if both of these extremes are just that, extremes?

I mean, come on, God spoke to countless individuals in the Bible.  Did he just stop speaking after the Bible was written? Is the Bible God’s “last word?”

Is your heart asking questions now?  Is your interest peaked?  We’ll talk more about this next time.  I hope to provide you some sound answers.

Until then, May the Lamb that was slain receive the rewards of His sufferings.

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©Kinsey Oglesby, July 2015 

I Haven’t Always Loved My Husband: True Confession of a Preacher’s Wife

I haven’t always loved my husband; in fact, I’m going to say that my love meter for some thirty years pointed mostly to my side.  The love I had for the Preacher was grossly polluted with my own motives – to get my own needs met. Sigh.

But God took me to the spiritual woodshed; He let me know that my expectations for the Preacher were way out of balance. Way wrong.

“You are blaming him for your pain Kinsey,” said Abba.  “So much of your pain has to do with your identity, your self-talk, your faulty beliefs, your childhood wounds.  These are not the Preacher’s to heal.  Come to me, sit at my feet and let me help you navigate the dark places of your soul.”

Broken, desperate, and scared, I held out my heart to Abba.  He gently took my heart, took me, into His loving arms and began rounds of correcting, teaching, loving, nurturing, and healing.  The process was both painful and sweet; He was always so patient, tender, and kind to me.  He loved on me in my most unlovely places.  Slowly I began to believe and relax in His love. In time, a song of joy bubbled forth; I found Jesus to be the true lover of my soul.

I gave the Preacher a Get out of Jail Free Card.  He’s no longer a prisoner to my needs.  He is loved without any strings attached because of what Jesus has done and continues to do in me.

The Preacher’s singing a new song too. Smile.

I write this post today in celebration of our 37th Anniversary. July 21, 2015.

Preacher and Me:  Happy in Love

Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love,
so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives. 
 Psalm 90:14 NLT

The Worst Text Message Ever

 “We lost him,” said a text message from my son-in-law.

“Nooooooooooooooooo!”  I moaned as I ran downstairs to the Preacher.  He stood in his office dazed and confused, tears brimming – he was holding his phone with the same text message.   We fell into each others arms and sobbed.  Our grandson, our little William Charles, had prematurely entered the world – dead.   There were no warning signs, nothing to prepare us; in a matter of minutes our William was gone. Gone before we ever had a chance to know him.

That is not what we prayed for.

For many years my husband, the Preacher, has dealt with complications due to diabetes.  We’ve lost count of how many times paramedics have saved his life.  Throughout the years we have prayed,
“Lord please let the Preacher live to see his children graduate from High School.”

Then it became, “Lord please let the Preacher perform his children's weddings.”

And then, “Lord, please let the Preacher know his grandchildren.”

And God, in His goodness, said, “Yes” to each prayer.

But one thing we never dreamed of, and certainly didn’t ask for, is to bury a grandchild. Yet that’s just what the Preacher did a few days ago.  Here is a picture of him conducting a graveside service for our little William Charles, while big sister Anna sits on the bench. 

Anna parked herself on the bench without any promptings.  She looked up at Opa and asked, "Are we going to see William?"  "Not today Anna, " Opa answered tenderly.  "Why?"  Anna wanted to know.

And thus began a dialogue between Opa and Anna in front of the graveside crowd.  He lovingly explained to Anna about the resurrection of the dead. About our hope in Jesus.  She didn’t understand it all, but it was such a precious scene.  A grandfather explaining to his granddaughter, “We will get to see and play with William one day.”

And we will.  All because of what our Jesus has done for us, and will do for us.  He is the resurrection and the life.  He is our only hope, our comfort, our strength.  We love Him for that.  Yes we do.

No it wasn't what we dreamed of or prayed for, but then again, it is what we prayed for - that we could pass on our faith to our children's children.

We don't sorrow like those who have no hope.  1 Thess. 4:13

© Kinsey Oglesby, June 2015