Coach Kinsey: Angel Odor

Angel Odor

Today I picked up a hitch hiker. I’ve never done that before. I know, I know, it was risky, but it felt right. I can't explain why, I just did it.

As he settled into the car, Roger shook my hand and said he knew Jesus. He smelled dirty and looked a little ragged.  I was a bit suspect of his quick mention of Jesus (so many times people who need help use the name of Jesus to their advantage).  But after further questioning from me, Roger professed that he believed in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, and claimed that he was saved eleven years ago. He was very grateful for the ride and we chit chatted a bit about his life circumstances. I dropped him off a little later, no worse for the wear, and I felt good about helping him out.

Offering a ride to a stranger presents a dilemma for us Christians, especially for a Christian woman. After all, it could be an axe murderer, a dope addict, or a sexual pervert! It could be an honest human being who needs a lift. Or, it could even be an angel.

There was no time for a background investigation. I had to decide quickly . . .do I stop or keep moving? Do I take a chance? Do I risk my life? What would Jesus do? If Jesus really is in control, and my days are numbered according to his plan, what do I really have to fear? Is Jesus my protector?

The missionary Jim Elliot took a huge risk to set up camp deep in the jungle to reach the Auca Indians. It got him killed. Was he foolish? Irresponsible? Or was he courageous and trusting?

Jesus would want us to use our heads and act smart. Jesus would want us to use our hearts and act in love. Does it have to be one or the other?

I lost my keys early this morning and was delayed 2 hours. That delay put me on the road  at the same time as Roger. Did God orchestrate that? If something bad had happened to me, would I blame the enemy?

Does anyone know the answer?

I think sometimes we have to follow our heart. Could be a mistake, could be a blessing. It could be a blessing that looks like a mistake. Or, it could be an angel.

Sometimes there are more questions than answers when it comes to following Christ. All I know is that I picked up a hitch hiker today and got him further down the road. Before he got out, I prayed with him that he would find another ride.

And now my car smells like Roger. . .

Or is that angel odor?

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